Major Work carried out in winter 2016/17 prior to that listed in the daily log below : - ■ New green extension added to 2nd green. ■ Large banking constructed round the new extended 2nd green. ■ New tee constructed at 6th hole.

Monday 13th Feb

Cut fairways and pruned trees between 7th & 8th fairways.

Tuesday 14th Feb

Working on bunker on RH side of 8th green to raise it.

Wednesday 15th Feb

Not working.

Thursday 16th Feb

Completed work on bunker at RH side of 8th green.

Friday 17th Feb

Raked bunkers.

Saturday 18th Feb

Cut grass round putting green, boat area & driving range. Cut tee banks @13th & 4th

Monday 20th Feb

Set out new tee @8th.

Tuesday 21st Feb

Constructing new tee @8th.

Wednesday 22nd Feb

Levelling new tee @ 8th.

Thursday 23rd Feb

Pissin' with sleety rain - no work possible.

Friday 24th Feb

Turfed new tee @ 8th

Monday 27th Feb

Reshaped bunker edge @ LH side of 8th green. Scarified putting green & 5th & 6th greens.

Tuesday 28th Feb

Sprayed all greens & putting green.

Wednesday 1st Mar

Raised another bunker @ RH side of 8th green.

Thursday 2 Mar

Scarified all the greens and putting green

Friday 3rd Mar

Greens spiked. Cut grass in trees between 6th & 7th fairways.

Monday 6th Mar

Power washed decking @ clubhouse. Scarified 1st & 10th tees.

Tuesday 7th Mar

Scarified all the tees. Seeded banking at 2nd green & 8th tee.

Wednesday 8th Mar

Sand and seeded all the tees.

Thursday 9th Mar

Seeded & top dressed new green extension @2nd green. Cut tee bank at 2nd green & 2nd tee bank.

Friday 10th Mar

Cut greens,strimmed tee banks @ 1st, 2nd and 12th & raked bunkers.

Monday 13th Mar

Filled in dips on 1st green tiered area. Painted inside clubhouse and re-arranged furniture.

Tuesday 14th Mar

Set units on tees mower & cut all tees. Changed filters on tees mower.

Wednesday 15th Mar

Spread fertiliser on all tees & lawn sand on all the greens. Top dressed new tees at 6th and 8th.

Thursday 16th Mar

Changed all the filters on the greens and fairway mowers. Edged path between 6th green & 7th tee.

Friday 17th Mar

Fixed Gator exhaust and cleaned Gator. Edged path between 4th & 5th. Chicken burger & chips for lunch.

Saturday 18th Mar

Collected balls on driving range. Fixed Gator steering.

Monday 20th Mar

Laid paving on patio.

Tuesday 21st Mar

Scarified and cut all greens & putting green. Applied liquid seaweed to nursery green.

Wednesday 22nd Mar

Put wetting agent on and overseeded some greens. Applied liquid seaweed to putting green & 1st green. Raked bunkers.

Thursday 23rd Mar

Put wetting agent on and overseeded the rest of the greens. Top dressed putting green & 1st green.

Friday 24th Mar

Top dressed all the greens and 'worked in' with drag mat.

Saturday 25th Mar

Set up fairway mower and cut all the fairways. Re-shaped the 8th & 9th fairways. Cut the rough in the trees between 6th & 7th, 7th & 8th holes and at side of 3rd & 10th holes. Cut round putting green & boat area.

Tuesday 28th Mar

Re-Set fairway mower, re-shaped and cut 6th fairway. Cut rough at right hand side of 6th fairway

Wednesday 29th Mar

Cut new tees at 6th & 8th. Cut new banking at 2nd green. Cut driving range. Repaired hole in road at entrance to carpark.

Thursday 30th Mar

Raked all the bunkers. Re-shaped 6th fairway to provide a more accommodating landing area when playing from the new tee.

Friday 31st Mar

Cut all the greens. Re-set the line of sight marker on 6th fairway to align better from new tee. Re-shaped 4th fairway near green.

April to October

Non-stop cutting fairways, greens, rough, tees and tee banks. Feeding greens, pruning trees and raking bunkers.